Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Walking back to Happiness - Lucy Dillon

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I adored Lucy Dillon's previous books The Ballroom Class and Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts, and could not wait to read this book, hoping that it would be every bit as good as the other two books.

I definitely was not disappointed! I fell in love with this book right from the start - Lucy Dillon has a wonderful way of drawing you into her books right from the very first page, and one you start reading you don't want to put the book down.

I finished this book in a day and a half, I just kept saying to myself one more chapter, but just didn't want to put it down!

This may be a chick lit book, but it is so much more than that; it is thought provoking too.

All three of Lucy Dillon's books are based in the same place; Longhampton. It you have read Lucy Dillon's previous books then you will recognise some of the people and places (and dogs!) mentioned in the book. However, you do not need to have read her previous books before reading this one (although they are both fab so I would definitely recommend reading them!)

The main character in this book is Juliet who isn't coping after the unexpected death of her husband. Her mum and sister are worried about her as she is living in a house without a useable kitchen, and she likes to go out at night time when she is unlikely to meet people. Her only real companion is Minton her dog.

As a way of getting Juliet out of the house, and hopefully enabling her to get on with her life, Juliet's mum Diane asks Juliet to look after her dog Coco, whilst she is looking after Juliet's sister, Louise's baby so that she is able to go back to work.

Little does Juliet know when she agrees to looking after Coco, that this is the start of her 'future'. Juliet starts to not only look after Minton and Coco, but to walk and look after other local people's dogs, and to gain an insight into their lives.

The characters in the book are well written and you can't help but feel every emotion that the characters do. From initial sadness for Juliet's loss to laughing out loud at Diane's interfering. Throughout the book there is a sense of hope, and a sense of being able to carry on with your life without forgetting the past. The only character I didn't really warm to was Louise, Juliet's sister, but that is due to her actions and attitudes throughout the book. Another well written character.

A stunning book which I would recommend to everyone! 

My rating - 5 Stars!

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